We’re in the process of rebranding. There are a lot of good reasons why we’re changing the name, but the best reason is that we want a bigger name so we can accomplish greater things!

We are excited to announce that 7 Mountain School is now...

Elevate Life University

​We’re still going to do all the great things we planned to do with 7 Mountain School, just with a different name.

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Shaping Nations and Shaping Culture

Elevate Life University is a training and resource center for people who want to see God use them to reach reshape culture. All of our resources promote a culture of revival in every area of life.

We believe it is normal for God to use every believer to employ signs and wonders to fulfill their calling, bringing Heaven to Earth in their particular sphere of influence. By partnering with God to discover world-changing solutions, we expect supernatural favor and wisdom to be evident in our students lives.

People who are fully awake to their calling and purpose, and fully equipped to live out their calling, ultimately shape nations and shape culture.

We have big plans for Elevate Life University.

Incredible Teachers, Awesome Training

Our main goal is to work with the absolute best, most amazing teachers to bring you an online education resource that will give you unique insights into who you are and what you were made for.

The internet is a platform that we are still learning about. We are bridging the gap between the powerful speakers you’ve heard at your church and an everyday, real connection between people who have a message and the people who need to hear that message.

And it goes beyond hearing.

We use online course software to make sure that students can connect using a variety of media and means.

We are going to bring awesome people into your life and it will change your life.

Champions of the 7 Mountains Message

We want to champion what God is doing in the 7 Mountains of Society!

We love the idea that we are all world changers and that God has made us in some really unique ways. Ways that don’t necessarily have a place in Sunday morning church! You can be awesome the way God made you, and that might mean that you might find the perfect expression of God’s creativity in Business, as an Artist, as a Writer or Journalist, working to raise healthy families.

Who knows what other possibilities there are?

When we hear stories about unique ways that God is moving using His people, we want to get the word out. In many ways, Christian education in the past has focused on the identity of believers and Sons and Daughters which is great!

But it’s only the beginning.

We want to collect ideas for impacting the 7 Mountains of Society and share them with you so that you are inspired and equipped to go into your mountain and make some change!​

Investing in Social Justice

We also care deeply about Social Justice issues.

We know that people will change the world when they know who they are.

​Unfortunately, there are a lot of real problems that stand in the way of people understanding who they are and experiencing the love of their Heavenly Father. Things like human trafficking, racial tension, and poverty.

It's not enough to simply wake people up to their identity. We need to actively fight the injustices in our world and bring Heaven to Earth.​

We want to use our education platform to reach people groups who are under the influence of tyranny, oppression, and poverty.

We also want our resources to go to those that are working to right these wrongs today!​​

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